Friday, August 5, 2011

This Weekend

This is me most weeks. I work M-F just to make it to the weekend where I can see Ryan and be away from the craziness that is atlanta. This week I was really looking forward to the weekend because he was coming to visit! Going to meet my parents, visit my city, meet my friends. But he called on tuesday and said he couldnt make it :(

So Ive been dreading this weekend all week. I have nothing to do, no fun plans, no nothing. But Im trying to make the best of it. Ive given myself a few things to do - 

 First thing is in the morning Im going here:

To get someone to fix my phone, because it says this:

And of course my boy genius of a boyfriend is too busy to even IM me and help me out. Im praying its a easy and free fix because Im broke and I cant afford a new phone any time soon :(
Then Im off to this amazing place - a 15 mile drive! to get a paper cutter thing that Ive been saving for for a few weeks. Im hoping it will improve my crafts.

The tomorrow night my friend is doing this show and Im going to go and support him, plus Ive never seen it and its a musical so hopefully it will lift my spirits. 

Sunday Im going out with Brandon (Brews_Bowties) for his birthday. This isnt really set in stone, fact is I dont expect him to show up, but you never know. 

In the mean time this weekend will be 


and more sleep


*danielle said...

Sleep is good. Enjoy it. And relax, I rarely have plans, any weekend, and I'm home most days of the week, too. So enjoy your nothingness, because it at least breaks up other stuff!

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