Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachelorette Take 2

Well if your any sort of avid reader of this corner of the internet you remember all the drama that came from the 1st bachelorette & wedding shower I tried to plan. Where I spent $400 on it and it was a total flop. Yes. Epic fail.

Well thanks to this lovely soon to be bride, I will be planning my 2nd bachelorette party. This one is going to be very different!

A. No co-hosting
B. Budget - $200
C. Smaller guest list of people we know
D. Guests will help pay for the party

These are my rules and Im sticking to them! I hope!

So since I have a lot of stuff left over I wont be buying a lot more. I am going to order these:

All the green is going to be purple, the brides favorite color. Its gonna be the theme of the entire bachelorette party, Wild Night Out

We're going to have it in Savannah on River street so we can go to our favorite bars:

Club One - Gay bar! One word - DRAG SHOW

Dueling Piano Bar

Wet Willies


*danielle said...

If you want to save money, skip the custom labels for things. Seriously, they are SUPER CUTE, but will people really notice if the water bottles are decorated? Doubtful. Very doubtful. Invites are necessary, and the thingys for the cupcakes are a good way to dress those up unless you're going to have them decorated with frosting - and believe me, that gets really pricey, really quick! Oh, and have fun and avoid the drama this time, lol!

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