Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big W


yes I joined weight watchers. I signed up for a free week online but Im thinking next pay check (aug 16) I will go and join the meetings. because now more then ever I want to lose weight. My bff is getting married in 2 months (ekkk!) and I want to look good in my dress.

So my deadline to drop some pounds is Oct 22, 2011.

any tips for me? I downloaded the app on my iphone and Im gonna track what I eat at my desk (cant have my phone at my desk). Ive already noticed that today Im way over the points which is not good!


Jacquie said...

On the new points system, you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you want--they've taken away the points for those. However, I kind of disagree with that. You have to be careful with how much fruit you are eating because it's still sugar. And sugar turns into fat. So moderate the fruit, but eat tons of veggies. They'll fill you up. And drink lots of water. It will also fill you up. A trick I use is drink a large glass of water before eating anything.

*danielle said...

my sister has done the points thing and it really does work - if you can stick to the points! i'm sure im all kinds of terrible! ...I ate half a box of mac & cheese for dinner... jsut remember that a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, more than that and your more likely to gain it back when you stop the "diet." the points stuff is designed to more help you make healthy choices all the time instead of just dieting for a while, stopping and gaining it all back. me? i need to get some CARDIO in, but it's so hard when i dont have a babysitter, lol. that would do wonders for me. hoping once kyle gets back, i can hit the gym.

oh! also, snacks are HORRIBLE (unless its fruit, yogurt, etc) and avoid eating late at night, that's a killer too.

annnnd tone those muscles! seriously. having muscles burns fat, so if you cant get in cardio, it's at least something. one summer i did crunches & push up before bed (like 15 minutes a night) and I lost 8 pounds just doing that. It's keeping the habit that's really hard!

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