Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

So labor day weekend is 3 days away and I am having mixed emotions about the whole thing.

My childhood nanny is flying in from Ireland on Thursday to spend a week here, but I wont be here this weekend. I'm going to Valdasta to visit Ryan's friends and family.

I am excited to get away from Atlanta of course, but I'm dreading the drive (4+ hours not including labor day traffic) meting his best friends (gotta make a good impression) and dealing with his family's drama (divorce, fighting, all that can of worms).

I wanted Ryan to come to Atlanta and visit here but my parents & nanny are going to NC and mom expressly said Ryan wasn't invited. So he made plans to go to Valdasta, with or without me. His friends were meeting, this is like the only time I'll ever get to meet them as they live in FL and don't have any reason to visit statesboro or Atlanta.

I'm sad because Maeve, my nanny is coming such a long way to visit my family and I'll be missing out on 3 days of her time, but I know I'd be miserable in NC doing nothing for labor day.

Hopefully we'll have lots of fun the next week while shes here - going to an improv show, dinner out, maybe some local museums etc. I just wish I wasn't so busy and she was spending more time in the US.

I am excited to meet 2 of Ryan's best friends, but I'm nervous too. They have a brand new baby, and are married. AKA we have nothing in common. I'm going to be the only one who doesn't know everyone there. I want to believe he will make me comfortable but I know how guys get, they forget about their gfs when they're with their friends.

I'm also super nervous to be at the lake. I'm not comfortable with my body and I'm doing weight watchers but I don't feel like Ive lost much. I am eating better through. I just know how uncomfortable it can  be for me to be in a swim suite around people I dont know.

Im also nervous because all the 1st impressions I have of Ryan's friends and them of me hasn't exactly been stellar. I'm just very different then these people. Hopefully Im worried for nothing... hopefully


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