Saturday, July 30, 2011


Main Entry:   scrapbooking
Part of Speech:   n
Definition:   the hobby of creating compilations in scrapbookalbums, such as keepsakes, pictures, periodicalarticles, etc.

This is me right now:

and this is who I want to be:

See the diffrence? 

Today I have begun a new project of scrapbooking. I have never done anything like this before so I am a little nervous and Im feeling a little over whelmed. A friend of mine told me scrapbooking is a lot like blogging but Im not so sure about that. 

I know many of my followers scrapbook and I need y'alls help. How do I even get started? I have bought a few things and Ive set up a little station for myself in my bathroom (only place I have the space to do it). Here is my little table and supplies. I spent about $50 so far on stuff so I'm not looking to spend a lot more until I decide I really really like this. 

Ive ordered some photos from facebook and I will pick them up tomorrow. I also ordered a few things from ebay to help decorate the scrapbook. Where is a good place to get sort of a starter kit? I got some fun pages from BigLots but I'm not sure I want to use patterned pages for backgrounds. 

I'll take all the suggestions, tip, tricks and hits I can get!

so I used there photo orderer thing for getting pics off facebook and they all came out terrible! I was so disappointed! so I tried to use their software to download photos from my computer and the software was impossible to use, so I went with a recommendation from a friend and used Walgreen' and it was MUCH better! A little more $$ but if they come out right then it will be well worth $.05 more per photo!


*danielle said... prints some pretty decent pictures, and they should be cheaper than walgreens! also, target sells good scrapbooking stuff, thats where i got most of mine (check clearance rendcaps!) you can start wherever you want! it's a way to get creative - kinda of like a photo album, but with more flair. so you can do whatever you want with it! also, if you dont want to spend a lot of money on the smaller stock paper for backgrounds to pictures, use plain construction paper, and maybe invest in a pair or 2 of the squiggly scissors. Those are way fun!

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