Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Domestic Goddess"

If there is one thing  I can say without a doubt, is that I am not a domestic goddess. I do not like to clean, or tidy up, I don't like chores or organizing. This has always been a bit of a sore spot with ex boyfriends, as they wanted someone to look after them as well as their home. I was not that girl. Maybe a load of laundry from time to time, but thats about it. I'm more of a "work hard to afford to hire a maid" type then a "clean it myself and be a stay at home wife type". Just like my mom.

I can cook and I love to cook when I'm in the mood, but thats normally only after watching Top Chef & then I just go crazy in the kitchen. I do love to bake though. But when it comes to actually planning a meal, I suck. I just get overwhelmed and then in the middle of cooking I get distracted or bored and lose interest. But this weekend, in the theme of impressing Ryan & showing him that I can cook, I'm going to make a 3 course meal.

Heres the issue, I have NO idea what to make. Most of my specialists are big meals for 5-6 people (used to feeding a boyfriend & all his roommates) & most of the stuff I make is winter kinda food.

I need help y'all. I need a light, summer meal (it'll be in the 90s this weekend) thats not too hard, really yummy and can be made in a small kitchen.

I ordered this book but Im worried it wont come in time and I refuse to pay double the price to buy it at the Barns & Noble around the corner. I'm going to call the local library & see if they have a copy.

Do you have a recipe you swear by that totally impresses guys? Please help this un-domestic goddess out!


*danielle said...

Mmm... Kyle loves my taco pie, or just simple dish with chicken. A stir fry is as simple as cutting up chicken, throwing frozen veggies and serving over rice. Or I've got a couple baked chicken dishes, too, that are usually pretty tasty. They're not 3 course meals, unless you count a salad & dessert as two other courses, lol, but they're fairly easy, quick (as far as real "cooking" goes) and pretty darn tasty! Send me a fb message if you want any of the recipes... They are all fairly simple with basic ingredients!

Lucy said...

Go to skinnytaste.com. I would definitely make an evening meal. A nice salad, meat (steak, shrimp, chicken), a nice side and a light dessert. This website is great for lighter, healthier fare!

Ruth said...

Check my blog. I did one a couple months back, I have the search item near the bottom, called Tuscan Chicken Simmer. It is easy and it impressed one of my guy friends who is still debating culinary school

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