Thursday, July 7, 2011

LOVE my followers

Just a super quick post to say thank you for all the kind words and notes! Y'all are just so amazing. I was a little surprised by the comments I got on my last post because they were all on my side, saying I was trying by best & maybe I need to just let some people go. I was almost expecting people to tell me how mean I was being or something.

I wrote that post to get my feelings out but also to try and reach out to the person who the whole story was about. Needless to say, reading her twitter today and her friends twitter confirmed that she isn't the friend I thought she was. I guess she saw my post as a "pity party" when it was intended to be an "olive branch - I'm really sorry" post. At this point I'm going to send her her keychain, with a letter that I doubt I'll get a response to. Part of me still wants to send an email to say sorry again, but then theres the part of me that sees her just bashing me on twitter and being really horrid if I was to try such a thing.

I should be packing for yet another drive to statesboro this weekend. There's just something about this face that makes me want to fly 200 miles down a highway just to see him for 2 days



Ruth said...

I would just send the keychain and drop it. The next move is hers. One day she will realize that having lots of friends in different places is a good thing

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