Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Official!

We I guess I'm off the single band wagon. Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend this past saturday night. Now mind you this was after a day of drinking at the beach, a double crown & coke at dinner & 2 large wet willies, so he might have not realized what he was doing. lol. I waited till sunday, about 12.05am to say yes  just to keep him on his toes. I even asked twitter :)

So now that I'm a girl friend, I'll be spending even more time in the car so Im gonna need some good books on CD to keep me awake. What fun, easy reads have you read lately that you can recommend?

Here are some pics of this weekend -

Tybee Lighthouse

This funny little bird never moved



All dressed up to go out

Ryan was sick of pictures

Us being silly after quite a few drinks

Stephen, Michele & me

Ryan & me

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