Sunday, April 10, 2011

Staycation Swap Email Sent

Y'all I am sorry for taking forever and a day to get that email out! I had to gather all the emails from different email addresses, hunt a few down and get my thoughts together. But its DONE! well the 1st email is.

If you signed up & DIDN'T get an email, please email me at atlyankeebelle at gmail dot com and Ill be sure to send you a copy!

In other news I saved big at Old Navy yesterday! 30% of clearance at my local store! So I got 13 new tops and a pair of workout pants. I saved $35 off the clearance price, so I saved about $100 off the original prices, maybe more.

I picked up some silver trays at my local goodwill for my bathroom and I stopped by Borders, which is going out of business and got some great cards and a few magazines for 1/2 off! All in all yesterday was an epic win for the savings dept!

Also,  my Shrek The Musical tickets arrived yesterday! SO excited to see the show! Shrek is my FAVORITE movie, its my ideal fairytale. I fancy myself as princess Fiona, and one day I will find my Sir Shrek. I once considered naming my kid that, but I fear the torture at school would be too much.

Now I just have to find a date to take me to the show. I want to go big, a nice dress, heals (yes - I will wear heals) dinner and drinks. I want to make a night of it. The whole 9 yards.

Today I am washing all my bedding and towels, 2x. I'm weird but once a month I wash all that stuff on super hot with extra soap. I just feel like if I don't its not REALLY clean - ya know?

Thats my weekend in a nutshell, what did you do with yours?


*danielle said...

Super hot I will agree with - But extra soap supposedly just gets stuck in the clothes cuz it doesn't wash out the way it's supposed to, so it's not necessary and will just leave the stuff soap-scummy, except... you can't really tell.

Where is Shrek playing at?!

And congrats on the deals!!! I definitely would've loved Old Navy clearance... hahaha. And Border's too!

Jen said...

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