Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why Holidays Hurt

I know most people spend their whole year looking forward to holidays, and I used to be one of those people. But in the last few years I have had the worst holidays. They always seem to bring out my depression and I end up spending the majority of the day in bed crying. I hate this. I want to love and look forward to holidays like the rest of the world! But more and more now I dread them. I have started sending cute holiday cards to friends and family to put me in the mood but its becoming more of a chore now since no one seems to even notice I send them.

I've been thinking about the last round of holidays and how they were spent -

My 24th birthday (Oct 6) - did nothing during the day, but I did get some really sweet cards from bloggy friends which totally made my day. That night JAB took me to his favorite restaurant (O'Charlies) and then to a movie he wanted to see. He refused to spend the night with me, so I slept alone at my place. 99% sure I cried myself to sleep. All I could think about was how I was 24 and a mess - thank you depression!

Halloween (Oct 31) - I had a cute costume picked out and even planned coordinating costumes for me and JAB. Spent all day working on them when he decided he didnt want to go out. He told me he hated halloween and it was stupid. Everyone else already had plans and I wasnt (and am still not) confident to go out alone, so I stayed home and watched TV alone. Another cry myself to sleep night, missing my college friends.

Thanksgiving (Nov) - I had just started my new job so that was helping battle the depression, the busier I stay the better I feel. But we had a 4 day weekend so it snuck back quickly. I dont remember doing anything special, my family spent 3 ruff hours together at the country club on thursday but that was all the family time we had. I remember I was sick with a terrible cold so Im sure I spent most of the time off sick in bed watching TV and crying. Depression & sickness (like cold or flu) are a horrible pair.

Christmas (Dec 25) - 3 day weekend, and I was sick AGAIN. I got drunk by myself christmas morning so I would just giggle through the painful ordeal with my family. Then I think I took myself to a movie and spent the rest of the weekend looking for receipts to return everything I was given. I dont think there was as much crying but thats because I tried to stay as drunk as possible that weekend.

New Years Eve (Dec 31) - sick AGAIN. I was sick for 3 months strait, and I was too busy with work training to actually go to the dr and get something for my cold. I took the last day of training off and saw the doc, where I got a slue of cold meds. I was in a medicated coma for NYE which I spent in bed. My parents always remind me that NYE is the end of a really disappointing holiday season and I shouldn't put so much emphasis on things like that. Let me tell you how that made me feel, depressed, stupid for caring and mad at my self for caring and wanting a special holiday season.

Valentines Day (Feb 14) - I worked, where as 99% of my office took the holiday off. I had dinner with LR which was fun, I tried to talk her into having dinner 2x a month but she said she didnt want to commit to that. I was 100% single and all the guys I was talking to at the time had dates... que depressed crying myself to sleep...

St. Patties Day (March 17) - I'm Irish so I should love this holiday but this year it was on like a tuesday, so I might have had a beer that night but nothing special. I had no one to go to a bar with, no one to drink green beer with and so I figured "whats the point". Not sure about tears this night, but there very well could have been.

and now we have arrived as Easter Sunday - an important day for catholics and christians alike. A day to spend with family, eating and drinking and opening easter baskets and being happy together. It celebrates the beginning of spring, new life and rebirth. Its 2.45pm and Ive already cried 2x. It doesn't help that I had an amazing improv show on fri so Im coming down off that high, no one I invited showed up for the show except for my parents and 1 friend. And my plans last night got canceled. Today my parents went to mass without me, my mom is leaving (just left) to visit my sister and then onto upstate NY to be with her family. My dad is out in the garden doing his own thing and Im in my room, in my PJs writing this blog post. I doubt I'll bother going to church, too many families and happy faces, Im pretty sure Id end up leaving mid mass. I'll just say my own little easter prayer in my room. I didnt bother to pick out any sort of easter outfit since I knew Id have nowhere to wear it. I sent out 30 easter cards to friends and family & I got 1 mass txt from a college girlfriend. I'm reading everyones easter posts and twitter feeds, people in beautiful lilly dresses, drinking and eating with friends and family. My one saving grace today is Im going to see my college bff as she drives through ATL on her way back to KY where she lives.

When I was little we, as in my family & I, used to make a big deal out of holidays. We would decorate the house and have dinners, go on trips, take photos, really celebrate the holiday. Now its the opposite. No one cares enough to do anything. My parents tell me holidays are for families, and now that the kids are all grown up its a  waste of money and resources. If thats the case, then why is it that everyone I know looks forward to holidays. They give gifts, eat meals together, take photos, & dress up.

Am I crazy for wanting to love holidays again? Is it wrong that I want to feel the joy & love everyone else feels on holiday? Or should I just agree with my parents and forget holidays all together?


daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

Oh honey, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.

My heart is aching for you. I am so sorry that your hurting and feeling this way.

NO, do NOT give up!!! You keep looking UP. He will see you through.

I wish you were closer, I'd tell you to come stay with us:)

I will def. be praying for you friend. My heart aches for you. Be strong!


Cole said...

I'm sorry that you are having such a cruddy day! My Easter has been very low-key...but after the disaster that last Easter was, it's much better that way. I did brunch with my mom, went to the movies, then a trip through the garden department of Home Depot...and now I'm going to cuddle with my pups.

You're right to want to love holidays again. I really hope that it happens for you!

KatiePerk said...

Don't know your parents, but I disagree with them 1000 percent. Cheers to you and your Easter cards. That was a sweet gesture and I am sure you touched your friends with the message that you were thinking of them. Holidays are hard, but I also think that holidays are what you make them. It doesn't matter what other people do. It is what you choose to do. You did a good thing. Now put a smile on that face, toss on a springy dress and get out in the sunshine, even if it is just for a walk. Hope tomorrow is better, but that today is good too. xxoo

Mrs. Jones said...

Get yourself to church my love. Nothing is too big, too small, or too trivial for our wonderful Lord. You're going to get some tough love from me today, because I was given a wonderful reminder this morning. I've been in the battle you're in. And NOTHING should cause you to forget the wonderful gift we've been given today. We've been given eternal life with Christ, and this world and it's horrible times are only temporary. I pray blessings on you. Much love!

*danielle said...

Well, I just typed you this gigantic comment, and the freaking fracking keyboard did something and I lost it all. And as it's after midnight, I could never re-create it. =/

In short: No, it's not wrong to want holidays to be like they used to be.

Going to Mass on Easter (or Christmas) suck. This is the 2nd year I've left Easter Mass early because it was SO packed (and no one offered their seat to the waddling pregnant woman), so we just left when we saw all the seats were taken and people bursting out the doors. =/

I think I'm numb to holidays sucking now since our holidays have been lacking since I got to college and we moved, and my dad left, etc etc. I just don't have "expectations" anymore. The military life doesn't help with that, either.

The end.

Yes, the original comment wouldn't probably been the length of your post, lol.

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

You are not crazy, I have some of the same issues on holidays. Today I spent the day by myself. My parents live an hour away they moved this weekend so didn't want to be bothered. My Boyfriend had to work and my 16 year old son spent the day sleeping because he had Prom last night. Don't even get me started about my birthday.

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Oh sweets, I'm so sorry that you had to go through the holidays like that. You are definitely not wrong in wanting to feel the joy and love of the holidays, regardless of how old you are. Holidays are supposed to be fun, they are meant to be celebrated. I know I may not be in the states but I will celebrate the holiday's with you! Stay strong and beautiful my friend.
Mrs. Sergeant

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