Friday, April 22, 2011

The Osome Nochos Post Show

Id like to give the basment theatre and JStar a big shout out and thank you! I have had so much fun the last 6 weeks, going to class, laughing till my sides hurt, & getting to know an amazing group of people. They are all so talented and I am so lucky to call them all friends of mine now :)

Right now its 2.45am and I am WAY too wired to sleep. I am running on pure energy & joy and it is just the best feeling ever. It has nothing to do with a boy, or anyone else, just me, remembering why I love theatre so much.

Im planning to take improv II beginning in may and I am super excited! The Osome Nochos have also been invited to do some open mic improv stuff so be on the look out for that!'

My advice to my readers, if you live in Atlanta, GO TO THE BASEMENT THEATRE! Say hey to everyone and tell them Bridget sent you!

If you don't live in Atlanta, which I know many of you don't, google a local theatre, be it improv or community. Go, support the arts, make a night of it!


*danielle said...

yay!!! I miss theater too, so much, sometimes. It was always such a thrill, despite all the crazy stress and drama and attempting to break out of shells and such. I'm glad you're having fun and going to continue taking classes!

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