Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JAB found a house!

well today I am pleased to announce that JAB has found a house and he will have somewhere to live in the fall - yay! He was looking for a house to buy but there wasn't much available that he liked in his price range and so he was planning on moving in with his neighbours, but he found a place this afternoon and put a down payment! I am very excited as this means he will have the master bedroom (no more sharing a bathroom with a bunch of college boys) and I will have more say in the house as I am dating the renter :) (I dont have a dishwasher at my new apt so Ill be able to use theirs & fill up his DVR with my shows)

I have been a slacker blogger and tweeter the last few days & I would like to say how very sorry I am. I have been very busy in atlanta with my family and my life got more hectic this morning when my mother announced that she was willing to buy me a plane ticket to fly to NY for my cousins wedding on july 24 (the day before I have to be out of my current apartment).

so now the plan is to move everything I own into storage by wed july 21, fly to NY on thu & stay till mon, fly back to atl mon then  come back to the boro on tue or wed, pack up a uhaul and move to my new apartment in carrollton. needless to say Im gonna be super duper busy!

But it is so worth it! I will do my best to keep tabs and post progress as I go, but I may forget so forgive me and know that I will blog again soon!

p.s. JAB just txted me this photo of the house... I hope hes kidding


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