Sunday, July 25, 2010


hey y'all

I'm in upstate new york for my cousins wedding. It was amazing! so beautiful. I cried :) I'm trying to find photos but facebook and the Internet is being annoying.

BTW - I saw the Erie canal - very cool :)

so updates on my life - still haven't signed my lease at my new apartment and thus I can't get the power in my name, so when I get home from NY I need to sign the lease and get the power sorted out.

now Im hanging out with my new Aunt Phoebe and shes super wonderful :) shes invited me to come use her and my uncle mikes house in Marthas Vineyard.Shes a super match for our family and its nice to have another talker in the group :)

I am hoping to go out on Smitti VI today, my uncles boat, out on lake Cazanovia.

Gosh - so if you follow me on twitter I'm sure you've heard about my horrible roomie- well lets just say that she made moving out the most horrible experience ever! Im so glad to be rid of her and her mean dogs and her thieving ways - she stole $100 from my room which I had set aside to pay for gas this week (and she spent it on beer).

moving on - I had a job interview last Friday but when I showed up the women giving the interview (shes pregnant) had an emergency, so no interview. And I havnt heard from them since, which stresses me out. Im going to call them when Im back in town & try and arrange another time, hoping they havnt hired someone else.
well Im going to spend some more time with my grandmother here in Caz. I hope all of you are well

Now I will admit I havnt read Anyone's blog in over 3 weeks, so if anything big or new or exciting has happened - please comment so I know & can stay in the loop


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