Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good News

So I had my interview on monday at 2.15 and I got a call on monday at 5 from the HR guy saying they wanted me! Yes!
This is going to be a good week!
I am a little nervous because the job is a solid hour away from where I live, but its 2 miles from my parents house... do you see where Im going with this? 
Im going to continue to keep applying for work here, locally, but this is something! A company actually wants to pay me to work for them, how rockin amazing is that?

Another update in my life is I am SINGLE! I figured it would happen, Ive been pretty unhappy lately. But what has suppriesed me is how ok I am with being single. It used to be my biggest fear, being alone, but right now it's kind of nice. I am still friends with JAB and we might try dating again, but for right now knowing I can go on dates, and move to ATL and dance and kiss and have fun is amazing!

This weekend I am going to statesboro and I COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED IF I TRIED! I havnt seen my friends in 3+ months. None of them have come to visit :( and so now I am returning to my college town and I am super excited. Im gonna be celebrating my birthday a month late, my new job, and just being with my friends. There will be a lot of photos taken, not many blog posts or tweets, warning you now, but just know that I will be having the time of my life!


BelleinBows said...

Have fun in Statesboro!

Royar said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful time this weekend - you deserve it!

Mrs. Jones said...

I'm so happy for you! Sorry about jAB. I hope life is turning your way and that you find yourself beyond happy and blessed!!! Enjoy the weekend!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I am so thrilled for you on all fronts. I must say that only knowing you via your blog, even I saw the relationship update coming. You have not seemed happy (to me via your blog) on that front. It sounds like life is pulling you in all sorts of new and exciting directions. CONGRATULATIONS!

High Heeled Life said...

That is wonderful news!!! Sounds like you are going through some changes that are taking on the road to positive change. May your days ahead be filled with peace, happiness and love. xo HHL

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Congrats on the job! That's great! And if you're happy being single then that's what matters!

*danielle said...

Yay! The tides have turned!!! What's the job doing? And is like a college student's job or a REAL job? Either way I am super excited for you!!

Also, you know what's really funny about being single. True story. This applies to me, my cousin, and her now husband. All 3 of us were single before met our future spouse, and had decided that we were simply HAPPY being single and that we didn't need a guy/girl in our lives. No sooner I decided I was perfectly happy living the single life, I met KR. And no sooner my cousin decided she was happy being single, she met her hubby, and her hubby was the same way. All of us were perfectly happy with life, school, friends, job, whatever we had going on at the time, and the met our future spouse. I think it happens when you aren't looking; when you least expect it; when you think you couldn't be more at peace with your life, God gives you one more thing to be thankful for. I think that's the key: to love who you are and take life as it is because when you're happy with yourself, you can be that much happier with someone else. =)

*danielle said...

Actually, that also applied to KR bc he had JUST signed his contract for the military and didn't want a girlfriend to leave behind. And then he met me. Also, applies to my friends Mike & Taryn who clicked at our wedding and have been together ever since. Neither of them wanted a relationship bc they both are VERY focused on school and have had icky past relationships that severely screwed them over. Then when they met each other, their entire lives changed - they're still just as focused on school, but now they have each other to deal with all the "stuff" of life. It's so crazy how life works out.

flip flops and pearls said...

CONGRATS!! I am so happy that you got the job!! I will say a prayer that the living situation/commuting situation will be paved out for you soon!

And the JAB thing, only via Twitter do I know, maybe it's whats best for YOU! When God closes one window, he will open a great big door!

Hope your weekend is awesome sweetie, can't wait to see/hear all about it!!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

congratulations!! i work a solid hour - hour and twenty from my home... and it's not too fun, but then again... it works for me. i do live at home with the parents and sisters, and for now it's working.

Polish and Pearls said...

Congrats on the new job! Yay!
I hate to hear about your breakup, but if you feel good about it, then that's awesome!

Peachy Keen said...

Congratulations on the job and that your life is looking sunnier!

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