Monday, November 15, 2010


so I am happy to report a few things

1. I feel better! Im not 100% yet, but Im much better then I was yesterday and thats always a good thing!

2. I got my official "report here wensday at 8AM" email from my job! So I guess it's all real!
*for all you ladies who work in an office, what do I wear? I know no jeans, but I also didnt see any one in a suite - so Im thinking nice slacks and a nice top with jewlry? I guess Ill find out wensday*

3. Im thinking of either starting a new blog, or changing the name of this one. I cam up with A Belle On A Budget - how one atlanta belle lives large on a little
is that cute? funny? Horrible? advice please!

and now for something that is gonna make your heart just SING! I adore youtube and this may have become my favorite video:

now I also love love love this one (its long but well worth it)

and who could forget this one:

Now, turn off the music on my blog and play all these and smile from ear to ear :)


Ruth said...

The outfit sounds like a good fit.

and the blog name is cute.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

love these videos!!!
and what to wear to worK?? i'd say simple black pants and an oxford!

*danielle said...

Haha, smile or cry? Because I'm definitely crying.

The outfit sounds good and so does the new blog name! =) Good luck tomorrow on the job!! What exactly are you doing?

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