Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"the ugly truth"

so I just watched a clip for "the ugly truth"

thats not the clip but it gives an idea - why cant I find a guy like that? i mean I need someone to help me with all my relationship problems. I just dont get where I go wrong.

yes - you guessed it, another almost week (last fri was the last time he called & he txted on sun nite) i heard from mind you hes been on facebook & okcupid & even looked at my profile since then - but still nothing. am I stupid for still wanting to belive hes just busy?
yes but i dont really care. guys like this dont just fall into your lap so Im willing to wait & make a major effort for this one.

moving on to better things - I worked 10+ hours today which is good because I made $100+ just today (I super need it). so I figured id make a little list of the things Im planning to buy with the $$ i make this summer

A much needed new laptop - hopefuly an apple :)

A new GPS - an ex boyfriend broke mine :(

A new iPhone 3GS

A new toy for myself


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