Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hen Party Favor Bags

So the hen party... otherwise known as the bachelorette party will have 15 ladies there. Or 15 have been invited. I am STILL trying to get all the addresses together.

I need to put together some favor bags and I dont have much $$ to spend. Tops maybe $3 a bag. Here are some ideas Ive got, tell me what you think -

These are bath bombs, at $.90 a piece they're small but nice
Also thinking of these - little bags of bath salt

These are $1 a piece and too funny

These are on deep sale at B&BW so would fit in the budget with something else.

We will also either be painting wine glasses - 

Everyone would paint their own

Or we will make t shirts

If you were going to a bachelorette party would you prefer to go out to a movie or have a slumber party like this :


or go see this at the movies:
Not sure if this will be showing the weekend of the wedding though
Does anyone have any other ideas of things to do? Going out to a bar is a no go with the MOH

I got the suggestion to decorate penis cookies - 

Also need some ideas for cheap game prizes, I was thinking maybe condoms and some naughty things from target (lube, panties etc)


Blogging About All Things Beachy said...

Hi - am a new follower of your blog - your title caught me - I'm originally a Yankee now living as a pseudo Southern Belle - are you orig from up north?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Linda (aka beachside cottage)

Blogging About All Things Beachy said...

PS-You're follower link isn't working (I don't think...)

Linda (aka beachside cottage)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think the bath stuff is a cute idea.

Katherine said...

What a sweet friend you are! I'd vote for the movie :)

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