Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday Week

So thursday is my 25th birthday. I have been dreading this day for a while now. I guess I feel like 25 is old. I'm in a new age bracket - mid 20s. Its a little terrifying.

So here is my birthday week schedual -

Monday - normal work

Tuesday - normal work

Wensday - 1/2 day, driving to statesboro, Luke Bryan concert with Ryan

Thursday (my birthday) - early dr apt, spa day, dinner & taking myself to a movie

Friday - career services appointment, light shopping, lazy day.

Saturday - Abbi's bridal shower & GSU home game

Sunday - church & lunch with Abbi's family

I think I'm going to back some scrapbook stuff and take that with me because I think I'll have a fair amount of down time.

On a side note - Ryan almost got me one of these for my birthday:

thankfully I stopped him before he ordered one. no magnetic purse for me, but thanks. I had to smile. Ryan always says how high maintenance I am (which Im not) and yet he was gonna buy me one of these. I may buy my clothes on sale at Old Navy but I try & always carry a designer purse. 

Now after the success of Ryans surprise birthday party a very small part of me is hoping that he is planning something for me - just dinner with my friends. I know its not true, but a little piece of me wants to think that he would put that kinda effort into me. 

So any advice for this soon to be mid 20 year old? 


Ruth said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve it

Cambron said...

Happy Birthday ATL Belle! 25 is not bad at all. In fact, 25 is actually the first time in my life I felt like everything meshed. Hang in there and enjoy each moment, good or bad, for what their worth. Learn from them. I turn 27 October 22nd and I am finally having the mid-life freak-out. What I continue to see is, life is what you make of it.

Wishing you an amazing 25th!


*danielle said...

Don't worry about the number and just enjoy your day!

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