Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lavor day weekend

so the semester has been in full swing for 3 weeks now, we just had labor day weekend and things are going pretty well.

Ive got a job now :) i call parents and stufents from the admissions office which is fun. Ive gotten way behind on twitter - so Im sorry to all my followers .

Im doing ok in my classes, I really need to buckle down and get some serious work done but Im aslo trying to have a good time. I had a pretty good labor day weekend, didnt spend it the way I wanted to, but it turned out ok

I was first invited to go to Rome, GA to spend the weekend with Billy, play in the mud and lots of other dirty things lol. but sadly my parents put the XX on that bc they decided they would come to statesboro.

Then a few days later Blaine asked me to go with him and his family to Hilton Head for the weekend. of course I wanted to go, but alas, parents foiled the plan too :(

so friday night Sam, my roommate decided we needed to go out - so we went to Retreviers, which was empty, but we had a great time, danced, drank lots, and got invited to go to an interesting after party. Sam went - I chickened out. I also new my dad would be at my door at the crack of dawn bugging me.

so sat morning, crack of dawn, I was very hung over and looked like death. My parents came over in shifts to pester me and make me mad. Then they left me alone. Sam & I decided to head to the football game to meet a boy. We went, had a great time and decided to go out again, this night to Dos. so we got all sexy looking and headed over. After bottled beer :( and some yummy shots we flirted with boys. I met a really nice guy, but Im thinking he wasnt so into me. and Sam kept telling me to behave bc Im talking to Blaine (more on him later) so I didnt do anything.

Then Sunday night rolled around and since this county is dry, no alcholol here. so when david invited me to savannah, I jumped at the chance. of course, river street is much better with wet willies so after a strong drink from there (yumm) and a few beers at dinner, I was defiantly quite a site. of course, I was lookin extra nice for David :)
(i will put some pictures in here - if my cell will work)
I somehow managed to get back to the boro that night as I knew if I stayed there would have been no way david would have been outa bed in time for work ;)

next is monday - normally a school day, but not today. today was labor day - so Sam and I headed to savannah for an adventure. we went to the coolest art store where sam bought $60 paper and some fancy crayons :) and I just was in awww ( and asked a lot of questions )
then we went to goodwill where I was very disapointed. :( then we drove over to ROSS when I got some cute things and so did sam :) then we headed to the mall because we wanted to go pantie shopping. we ended up at spencers and both bought some fun things :) then VS smelled amazing but no new undies for us. then we dashed over to Bass Pro where I learned that Sam cant go down an escalator (weird I know) I wanted a pink bass pro shop hat, but couldnt find one, so we headed back to the boro.

upon arriving sam wanted to go to kbobs for some beer and I joined her. this was the 4th day in a row I drank heavily. :( it was a good weekend :)

I think I gained 10lbs from beer etc but im on a diet (bought diet pepsi!)

but now that I spent my entire weekend having a good time, I need to catch up on reading and stuff for history tomorrow :(


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