Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Swap

so I dont know about y'all but I am super excited about this christmas season. For one, I will have a grown up job, so that means I will have some extra $$ to spend on gifts etc. And it will be my first christmas at my new place which I wont actually be celebrating at because Im moving to my parents house come tue Lord save me. I am considering changing the name of my blog to Single Girl, Lives With Her Parents, 1st Big Girl Job, but thats kinda long and not so fun to say, so I guess I wont.

I want to say thank you to all of your for your kind well wishes. I have been very sick for the last few days. Im better today and Im hoping by saturday to be 100% recovered.

so with all my down time, like 48 hours in bed, I have been day dreaming of christmas and the best part of christmas is cookies! My family has 2 recipes that we have been making for years and years and years. I love them and I cant wait to eat some. Its only recently did I realise that other people make different kinds of cookies. I love trying other people's family cookies. So I was thinking the best way of trying other people's cookies is to host a swap.

So heres the deal - On dec 10th, or 11th you will pack 24 cookies (1 or 2 different types, what ever you make in your family) in Tupperware (we dont want stale cookies) and ship them to your partner along with $10 worth of other holiday goodies.
Please sign up by Dec 1st, so I can assign everyone partners. Please add the picture to your blog and link it to this page, so we can have plenty of people join the swap.


Sarah said...

OHHH!! Sign my up for the cookie swap. Yummy!!

*danielle said...

I looove making Christmas cookies and hope that I get what I need to make my cookies this year (I don't have all the kitchen stuff yet and can't get it all over here, so I'm hoping somebody thinks of it when putting boxes together! Namely, my mom... hahaha.) But this is my first year to find recipes of my own, too, so that's very exciting too! I'd looove to do this, but can I swap with you, ya know, since I actually know you and want to share my cookies with a friend from high school? I hope that doesn't come off as bitchy to everyone else!!

Tammy said...

I would love to join. I love baking cookies and eating them! lol

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

sounds fun!! i'd love to join in:) what other holiday goodies? candy, or anything christmas?


I'd like to join!

HeartxShots said...

I would love to swap!!

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